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Final report of the jury of the Lutoslawski Award 2004

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The jury of the Lutoslawski Award 2004, comprising Chen Yi, Arne Nordheim, Charles Bodman Rae, and Zygmunt Krauze (president), gathered at the Warsaw Philharmonic on 3 December and 4 December 2004. They considered 157 eligible scores from the total of 169 entered for the Lutoslawski Award. (12 scores did not meet the requirement of the rules.).

After their deliberations the jury decided to award the prizes as follows:

I Award: Joannou ELIA (Austria)

II Award: Thoma SIMAKU (Albania / Wielka Brytania)

III Award: Marcin BANASIK (Polska)

Honourable mentions:

Akhlagi PAYMAN (USA)

Juan GUO (Japonia)

Edward BOWMAN (Wielka Brytania)

Este artículo fue publicado el 09/12/2004


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