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Transformations of Musical Modernism

jueves, 29 de junio de 2023
Transformations of Musical Modernism © 2023 by Cambridge University Press Transformations of Musical Modernism © 2023 by Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press ha publicado en colección Music since 1900, el libro Transformations of Musical Modernism,* una monografía colectiva editada por Erling E. Guldbrandsen -profesor de la Universidad de Oslo donde dirige el grupo de investigación '20/21 - Trayectorias musicales hoy'- y Julian Johnson -Regius Professor of Music en el Royal Holloway, University of London. Su libro más reciente, Out of Time: Music and the Making of Modernity (2015), estudia las relaciones entre música y modernidad desde el siglo XVI hasta el presente.

Reproducimos a continuación la nota de presentación remitida por la editorial:

Profound transformations in the composition, performance and reception of modernist music have taken place in recent decades. 
This collection brings fresh perspectives to bear upon key questions surrounding the forms that musical modernism takes today, how modern music is performed and heard, and its relationship to earlier music. 
In sixteen chapters, leading figures in the field and emerging scholars examine modernist music from the inside, in terms of changing practices of composition, musical materials and overarching aesthetic principles, and from the outside, in terms of the changing contextual frameworks in which musical modernism has taken place and been understood. 
Shaped by a 'rehearing' of modernist music, the picture that emerges redraws the map of musical modernism as a whole and presents a full-scale re-evaluation of what the modernist movement has all been about.

Índice de Transformations of Musical Modernism

Introduction Julian Johnson and Erling E. Guldbrandsen

Part I. Rethinking Modernism:

1. The lure of the sublime: revisiting the modernist project by Susan McClary

2. Return of the repressed: particularity in early and late modernism by Julian Johnson

3. Expressionism revisited: modernism beyond the twentieth century by Arnold Whittall

4. Erik Bergman, cosmopolitanism and the transformation of musical geography by Björn Heile

5. Sharing a stage: the growing proximity between modernism and popular music by David Metzer

Part II. Rewriting Modernism:

6. Ritual and Eros in James Dillon's Come live with me by Michael Cherlin

7. Montage in modernity: scattered fragments, dynamic fragments by Jean-Paul Olive

8. Transformations of appearance: suddenness and the modernist fragment by Marion Hestholm

9. Rethinking Boulez: schemes, logics and paradigms of musical modernity by Edward Campbell

10. Remembrance and prognosis in the music of György Ligeti by Peter Edwards

11. Valentin Silvestrov and the symphonic monument in ruins by Samuel Wilson

Part III. Replaying Modernism:

12. Playing with transformations: Boulez's Improvisation III sur Mallarmé by Erling E. Guldbrandsen

13. Performance as critique by Arnulf Christian Mattes

14. 'Unwrapping' the voice: Cathy Berberian and John Cage's Aria by Francesca Placanica

15. Radically idiomatic instrumental practice in works by Brian Ferneyhough by Anders Førisdal

16. The ethics of performance practice in complex music after 1945 by Tanja Orning.


Erling E. Guldbrandsen and Julian Johnson, «Transformations of Musical Modernism», Cambridge & New York: Cambridge University Press, 2023, 367 pages, ISBN 367 pages. Hardback 114,39 €, Paperback 27,90 €, ebook 74,76 €

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