Musikfest 2: Fantastic Voyage

Estreno de 'Los troyanos' de Berlioz © 1863 by Philippe Chaperon / CC
With Dinis Sousa conducting and all hints of contentious backstage drama far in the rear-view mirror the audience at Berlin’s Musikfest were able to devote their full attention to a majestic performance of a work that still enjoys nowhere near the stature it deserves

Brünnhilde’s Escape

Tcherniakov, Götterdämmerung © 2022 by Staatsoper unter den Linden
For all that Mr Tcherniakov was willing to drag the themes of the Ring far beyond their normal context, the four evenings of the cycle were balanced by performances that brought out the intoxicating musical qualities that have drawn generations of listeners into Wagner’s world

Detached Observations

Tcherniakov, Siegfried © 2022 by Staatsoper Unter den Linden
The evening was first and foremost a musical triumph, with high-quality performances from all of the soloists, although was the first time in the cycle where one was not entirely convinced that all the components of the staging fit into a rigorously conceived whole.

Musikfest 1: Return to Form

Klaus Mäkelä © 2020 by Harrison Parrott
It was a good weekend for Mahler fans in Berlin.Only two nights after the Berlin Philharmonic kicked off their season with a performance of the Seventh, the 2022 edition of Musikfest Berlin got underway with the Sixth, performed by Amsterdam’s Concertgebouworkest under the direction of their future chief conductor Klaus Mäkelä

IX. Aprender a vivir con la desertificación

Atacama © 2021 by Melissa Aguilar
Las ventajas biológicas de las plantas del desierto de Atacama pueden contribuir a mejorar el desarrollo de cultivos tradicionales, como el tomate, el trigo o el arroz, a la luz de las menores precipitaciones y mayor temperatura esperadas para gran parte del territorio.

New perspectives on Spanish keyboard music

In 1746 Giovanni Ferrini, the heir to Cristofori’s workshop, built an instrument with harpsichord action on the lower keyboard and a simple piano action on the upper keyboard.Luisa Morales has just released the first full-length recording on the Ferrini instrument to date.

The Limitations of Magic

Herheim, Siegfried © 2021 by Bernd Uhlig
Given director Stefan Herheim’s previous successes in realising the most conspicuously magical episodes of Rheingold and delineating the subtle character drama of Walküre, one had high hopes that he might even be able to pull off the impossible task of creating a Siegfried that didn’t drag in its opening acts.

Programa del Festival de Pascua de Baden-Baden

Entre el 13 y el 22 de abril tendrá lugar la edición 2019 del Festival de Pascua de Baden-Baden.'Otello' de Verdi, en producción de Robert Wilson y dirección musical de Zubin Mehta, será la ópera central de las tres que se presentan, dos de las cuales serán estrenos mundiales: 'Clara' de Victoria Bond, que conmemora el aniversario de Clara Schumann (1819-1896), y la ópera infantil 'The Little Fellow and Otello', con libreto de Tiina Hartmann y música de Aurelién Bello basada en motivos del 'Otello' de Verdi.

Pleasures and Guilty Pleasures

While the concert offered intriguing hints as to Mr Petrenko’s tenure with the Berlin Philharmonic might look like it stopped short of providing concrete answers.The first half showed him to be a sympathetic accompanist, effectively ceding the performance to Ms Kopatchinskaja, while the second had undeniable moments of excitement.

Milica Đorđević, mujer, compositora

Milica Đorđević: The Death of the Star-Knower - petrified echoes of an epitaph in a kicked crystal of time I & II;Phosphorescence;...würde man denken: Sterne;How to evade?;Do you know how to bark?!non-communication for solo contrabass 2.2.1;