Gregg Deering

Comenzó a escribir en el viernes, 16 de junio de 2006. En estos 14 años ha escrito 1 artículo.

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    Mirian Conti: Not just Tangos

    I enjoyed the music on your CD Looking South. I've never heard a collection of Argentinean music based on dance and folk forms. It's a beautifully paced and beautifully played album. We don't do CD reviews, so luckily the concert will feature some of the works on the CD as well as some contemporary premieres and a belated premiere by the Spanish composer Ernesto Halffter - it's a full concert. Question. Let me start with a naïve question, do all piano students know the works on the CD in Argentina? Answer. No,(laughs)... that’s the sad thing... of all the works on the CD perhaps only three composers are well known and performed. It's the same in American music - when I went to Juilliard most American pianists did not know American composers. Except for Gershwin, that seemed to be it. Maybe a few other living American composers - Copland, when he was alive. In Argentina these were not part of the repertoire. In the classical conservatory students studied the classical standards, Chop