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    Interview with Mikko Nissinen: "People have to dance many different things"

    This interview with Mikko Nissinen, Boston Ballet Artistic Director, has been done by Anna Winestein. Boston Ballet is doing a tour in Spain from July, 20th to August, 22nd.Anna Winestein. This is the Boston Ballet’s first tour outside of the US in 15 years. Why Spain in particular?Mikko Nissinen. Right now we are in a stage of positioning the company to tour and this is the first tour. We want to get the company to be seen, we want to get out, but currently it has to be a situation where the presenters come up pretty much with the costs. Spanish people have come to Boston several times, and they love the company and they really feel like in Spain right now there is so much contemporary dance and they would love to see a big classical ballet from America. That is why they bring us over.A. W. Why in particular the productions La Sylphide and Balanchine? Is there a special reason to use them in Spain?M. N. Yes, absolutely. The presenters feel that at all the dance festivals, they have so