John Collins

Comenzó a escribir en el viernes, 27 de julio de 2001. En estos 18 años ha escrito 2 artículos.

John Collins born in 1949. Harpsichordist, organist and musicologist, studied performance practise of Early Keyboard Music privately with Paul Simmonds in Brighton 1978- 82.

Current research projects include the development of Iberian Keyboard music,especially Cabanilles and the 18th century composers,with particular reference to the organ works of Félix Máximo López. I am also researching
the English Organ Voluntary, and include examples from both interests in organ recitals.

I have contributed articles and Reviews of Scores and CDs to numerous periodicals including Organists'Review and am writing a short history of Iberian organ music for the journal of The Royal College of Organists' in London. I have written papers for Leeds University on the English Organ Voluntary in the Provinces, as well as on López borrowings and reworkings for FIMTE 2001.