Jesse Simon

Comenzó a escribir en el martes, 21 de mayo de 2013. En estos 5 años ha escrito 188 artículos.

  • Alemania 30/09/2018

    Fatal Obsession

    With minimal directorial intervention, the opera could be turned into a dark, fetishistic tale of male obsession and that, in the end, is what Mr Carsen’s production turned out to be. But to get there, he played the first two and a half acts as straight as possible. There were only a few minor moments of divergence from the libretto to suggest that Mr Carsen was planning his own twist on the twist ending
  • Alemania 18/09/2018

    Musikfest 5: HU is a sound of joy

    Musikfest ended as it began: with a ritual. Nearly three weeks after Pierre Boulez’s Rituel in memoriam Bruno Maderna had transformed the auditorium of the Philharmonie into the vessel for an immersive ceremony, the same space served as the venue for Stockhausen’s INORI, a work described by the composer himself as an ‘Anbetungen’, an act (or acts) of worship
  • Alemania 13/09/2018

    Musikfest IV: Space is the Place

    During his life, Stockhausen went out of his way to cultivate the larger-than-life persona of a difficult visionary. Who else would devote the last three decades of their life to creating a seven-day, twenty-nine-hour opera cycle involving actual helicopters? Yet one would be hard-pressed to name a post-war composer who had a greater impact on the wider cultural consciousness of his own time. Boulez may be more revered, and Messiaen more loved; Ligeti and Penderecki may be more widely heard due to their inclusion in film soundtracks; but Stockhausen is arguably the more pervasive
  • Alemania 14/09/2018

    Musikfest 3: Parallels

    The genial inventions of Stravinsky offered a stark contrast to Zimmermann’s Violin Concerto. Between Carolin Widmann’s fierce realisation of the solo part and Mr Roth’s tightly focussed rhythmic sensibility, the concerto seemed less a performance than a blunt-yet-effective argument in favour of a neglected work. It opened with impressive force: the dense sound and wiry momentum of the orchestra provided an engagingly turbulent setting for a violin part that seemed less interested in showy virtuosity than in direct attacks on small, striking phrases.
  • Alemania 06/09/2018

    Musikfest 2: Contemplating a Monument

    Philharmonie. Mahler: Symphony No. 3 in D minor. Susan Graham, alto. GewandhausChor and Kinderchor. Boston Symphony Orchestra. Andris Nelsons, conductor. Berlin Musikfest 2018