Jesse Simon

Comenzó a escribir en el martes, 21 de mayo de 2013. En estos 5 años ha escrito 181 artículos.

  • Estados Unidos 28/07/2018

    Santa Fe Opera 2: High Entertainment

    The elegant, abstract set consisted of two gently curved walls framing an elevated, hollowed-out object, halfway between a boulder and a sixties egg-chair, in which Ariadne spent the bulk of her stage time. The simple shapes and bold colours managed to be beautiful in their own right while also suggesting an homage to mid-century Wieland-Wagneresque minimalism.
  • Estados Unidos 21/07/2018

    Santa Fe Opera 1: Low Comedy

    Santa Fe Opera. Rossini: L’Italiana in Algeri. Edward Hastings, original production. Shawna Lucey, revival director. Daniela Mack (Isabella), Scott Conner (Mustafà), Jack Swanson (Lindoro), Stacey Geyer (Elvira), Patrick Carfizzi (Taddeo), Craig Verm (Haly), and Suzanne Hendrix (Zulma). Choir and Orchestra of the Santa Fe Opera. Corrado Rovaris, conductor
  • Alemania 17/06/2018

    Fate Unchallenged

    Plácido Domingo has performed the title role in Berlin twice before – in revivals of the Peter Mussbach production – yet in his earliest appearances he still seemed to be exploring the character. Yet the performance gathered in intensity as it went, culminating in a final scene in which nuanced phrasing, emotive power and stage charisma locked suddenly into perfect alignment. When he sang of life leaving his body it was the most energised he had sounded all evening, and the aria that followed emerged as the perfect distillation of a lifetime immersed in Verdian drama. The decision to end the opera with the original death scene from the 1847 version gave Mr Domingo the last word and provided a gloomy production with an appropriately bitter conclusion.
  • Alemania 16/06/2018

    Nose on the Run

    Mr Kosky is very good at set-pieces: he creates wonderful moments from awkward physical interactions, he has a knack for comedic exaggeration, and he is an undisputed master of complex crowd scenes. He is also not afraid to play directly to his audience; and when such an astonishing visual imagination is allowed to run wild, detached from the grounding weight of its source material, it can lead to spectacle for the sake of spectacle. The production succeeded as a piece of entertainment, but was less successful as narrative comedy or even absurdist satire.
  • Alemania 15/06/2018

    Inmates of Europe

    Deutsche Oper Berlin. Rossini: Il viaggio a Reims. Jan Bosse, director. Elena Tsallagova (Corinna), Vasilisa Berzhanskaya (Marchesa Melibea), Siobhan Stagg (Contessa di Folleville), Hulkar Sabirova (Madama Cortese), Gideon Poppe (Cavaliere Belfiore), David Portillo (Il Conte di Libenskof), Mikheil Kiria (Lord Sidney), Davide Luciano (Don Profondo), Philipp Jekal (Barone di Trombonok), Dong-Hwan Lee (Don Alvaro), Sam Roberts-Smith (Don Prudenzio), Juan de Dios Mateos (Zefirino), Alexandra Ionis (Maddalena), Meechot Marrero (Modestina), Davia Bouley (Delia) and Byung Gil Kim (Antonio). Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Giacomo Sagripanti, conductor