Jesse Simon

Comenzó a escribir en el martes, 21 de mayo de 2013. En estos 9 años ha escrito 246 artículos.


Deconstructing Desire

Stölzl, Turandot © 2022 by Matthias Baus
If Turandot is still viewed as a problematic work, its reputation may be due less to its setting or its unfinished state than to the implausibility of its conclusion: the cruel pride of Turandot and the selfish obsession of Calaf exist in such violent opposition to one another that any ending which suggests the possibility of redemption through love will necessarily ring false

Sensible Footwear

Wieler, Viebrock, Morabito. Die Meistersinger © 2022 by Thomas Aurin
The Meistersinger's staging of Jossi Wieler, Anna Viebrock and Sergio Morabito had numerous great ideas and a few terrible ones;it conjured a convincing world and populated it with well-realised characters, then allowed entire scenes to fall flat.

Unity from diversity

Andris Nelsons © 2015 by Alexander Böhm
Between the extraordinary refinement of the playing and the consistently thrilling direction of Andris Nelsons, the evening was a casually flawless illustration of how the best concerts invariably arise from the simple pairing of great pieces with great musicians

Living in the Ice Age

Michieletto, Jenůfa © 2022 by Bernd Uhlig
With a slightly altered cast and musical direction taken over by Thomas Guggeis, the Jenůfa's first public performance was a triumph, placing considerable vocal riches in the service of a thoroughly engrossing drama

Obscure desires

Loy, Der Schatzgräber © 2022 by Monika Rittershaus
A new production of 'Der Schatzgräber' at the Deutsche Oper, was brought to life by director Christof Loy and conductor Marc Albrecht, the team who, in 2018, turned Korngold’s 'Das Wunder der Heliane' into both a surprise success and perhaps the most rewarding instalment in the Deutsche Oper’s ongoing series of early twentieth century ‘rediscoveries.’

The word becomes music

Audi, Fin de Partie © 2022 by Opéra national de Paris
Masterpieces are rare, and masterpieces built on the foundation of other masterpieces are even less common.With ‘Fin de Partie’, however, Kurtág has come very close

The subtle betrayal

Huguet, Don Giovanni © 2022 by Matthias Baus
The new production of Don Giovanni at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden has a magnificent cast.The quality of the performances, however, must be weighed against that of the staging.

Tales of oppression and resistance

Py, Les Vêpres Siciliennes © 2022 by Marcus Lieberenz
'Les Vêpres Siciliennes' allowed Mr Py to present a vast canvas of oppression and resistance.With the addition of several great vocal performances and the taut musical direction of Enrique Mazzola, the production turned Verdi’s most conspicuous attempt to adapt his style to Parisian tastes into an engaging spectacle

Grand Gestures

Mr Barenboim's reading, full of grand gestures and sudden intrusions, strove for the highest possible levels of drama and had little room for tidy formalities.The music that emerged was full of raw, rough edges, unsanded and unpolished, but burning with fresh heat from the cut.

The Middle Path

Gustavo Dudamel © Orquesta Filarmónica de Los Ángeles
Mr Dudamel’s Mahler is often brilliant – and invariably accessible – there have been moments in the past where it has all seemed a bit too tidy.For his recent performance of the Second, however, he delivered a reading in which the moment-to-moment thrill of bringing the music to life eclipsed any hint of mannerism.