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Puccini in Context

viernes, 15 de septiembre de 2023
Puccini in context © 2023 by Cambridge University Press Puccini in context © 2023 by Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press comunica la próxima publicación, en su serie Composers in Context, del libro Puccini in Contex coordinado por Alexandra Wilson, profesora de Música e Historia Cultural en la Oxford Brookes University, y autora de los libros The Puccini Problem (2007), Opera in the Jazz Age (2019), y Puccini's La bohème (2021).*

Reproducimos a continuación la nota informativa remitida por Cambridge University Press sobre Puccini in Context

Exploring the many dimensions of Giacomo Puccini's historical legacy and significance, this book provides new perspectives on the life and work of a much-loved opera composer and demonstrates how political concerns shape the way we approach and perform his works in the present day. 
Accessibly written chapters by a range of international experts explore Puccini's interests, attitudes, and relationships, and examine how his works reflected the cultural, political, and social zeitgeist of their time. 
The essays first map Puccini's personal and professional networks, the regions and cities that meant so much to him, and his travels for both work and leisure. 
They go on to probe the composer's attitudes towards contemporary developments in music, literature, film, and drama and investigate his collaboration with librettists, publishers, singers, and conductors. 
The book closes with chapters on Puccini's compositional legacy, performance history, relationship with popular culture, and place in the international operatic canon.
Índices de Puccini in Context
Part I. Formative Influences:
1. Alexandra Wilson, Forefathers and teachers 
2. Richard ErkensContemporaries and competitors 
3. Helen M. GreenwaldPuccini's women 
Part II. Puccini's Places:
4. Axel KörnerPuccini's Tuscany 
5. Ditlev Rindom, Puccini in Milan 
6. Flora WillsonPuccini's travels: western Europe 
7. Richard ErkensPuccini's travels: central Europe 
8. Ellen LockhartPuccini the long-distance traveller 
Part III. Influences and Interests:
9. Nigel SimeoneMusical influences, parallels and borrowings 
10. Suzanne Stewart-SteinbergItalian literature of Puccini's day 
11. Ditlev Rindom, Drama and acting in Puccini's Italy 
12. Christy Thomas AdamsPuccini and early film 
13. Nigel SimeonePuccini and technology 
Part IV. Bringing Puccini to the Stage:
14. Helen M. GreenwaldPuccini's librettists 
15. Christy Thomas Adams, Music publishing in Puccini's Italy 
16. Helen M. Greenwald, Puccini's theatrical vision 
17. Hilary PorissPuccini's singers 
18. Puccini's conductors
Part V. Image and Reputation:
19. Alessandra Palidda, Puccini in pictures 
20. Jane SylvesterPuccini's Italian critics 
21. Arnold JacobshagenMemorialisation and biography 
Part VI. Puccini through a political lens:
22. Andrew HoldenPuccini and religion 
23. Ben EarlePuccini and politics 
24. Flora Willson, Gender politics in Puccini's operas 
25. Kunio HaraThe racial politics of Madama Butterfly and Turandot 
Part VII. Interpreting Puccini:
26. Ditlev Rindom, Editing Puccini 
27. Emanuele SeniciPuccini on video 
28. Hugo ShirleyInterpreting Puccini on stage and on disc 
29. David LevinProducing Puccini today 
Part VIII. Legacy:
30. Leon BotsteinPuccini's Legacy, influence and meaning 
31. John Snelson, Puccini in popular culture 
32. Alexandra Wilson, Puccini and the canon 

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Alexandra Wilson (ed.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023, 350 pages. ISBN 9781108835589 Hardback 109,77€ e-book 76,47€

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