Musikfest 4: Landscape Studies

Vladimir Jurowski in Berlin © Monika Karczmarczyk, 2019
Mr Jurowski’s ability to highlight the Alpensinfonie’s instrumental depictions without overstating them allowed one to appreciate just how successfully Strauss had been able to integrate his pictorial evocations into a clear, cohesive structure.

Musikfest 1: The heart’s disquiet

If the Symphony No.7 finale was unreservedly triumphant in tone, it was the emotional ambiguities of the earlier movements – and of Mr Widmann’s songs – that made the evening so captivating

Diego Ramos Rodríguez compositor de la banda sonora del filme ''La teoría del todo''

Die Theorie von Allem © 2023 by Festival de Cine de Venecia
La música de Ramos Rodríguez homenajea tanto a los grandes compositores del Hollywood clásico, especialmente a Bernard Herrmann, y a figuras clave del siglo XX, como György Ligeti y Iannis Xenakis.

Journey to the Threshold

Kirill Petrenko © Johannes Simon/dpa
The most recent performance of the full 'Die Frau ohne Schatten' came from Kirill Petrenko and the Berlin Philharmonic, who gave a one-off concert performance at the Philharmonie following a series of performances at the Baden Baden Easter festival.

De Ramos ...

Vox Luminis. Escolanía de Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados. Orquesta Barroca de Friburgo.  © 2023 by Guillermo Mendo
El emotivo Evangelista de Raphael Höhn, un tenor de mimbres ligeros y elegante uso del falsete, casaba a la perfección con el reflexivo y sereno Jesús de Sebastian Myrus, que finalizó su intervención con una espléndida “Mache dich, mein Herze, rein” llena de claroscuros y sentida desde lo teatral.

Time Travellers

Kratzer, Arabella © 2023 by Thomas Aurin
Director Tobias Kratzer used the stated setting of 'Arabella' as his starting point, and the first act unfolded against the backdrop of a meticulously recreated Viennese hotel.The only intrusion of the modern world was a camera crew of three so inobtrusive that they could not possibly have belonged to the same reality as the action

Entrevista con Demis Volpi, director y coreógrafo jefe del Ballett am Rhein

Demis Volpi © 2020 by Sigrid Reinichs
Hay que estar dispuesto a ver lo que está delante de uno y ver la chance que uno tiene.A veces hay gente está tan ocupada consigo mismo o con una negatividad que no es capaz de ver lo que tiene delante.

A Tale of Two Orchestras

Esa-Pekka Salonen © Anne Ryan | Ibermúsica
The main attraction was the German première of Mr Salonen’s Sinfonia concertante for organ and orchestra, which was completed and given its first performance (in Katowice) only six days ago.With Olivier Latry on the Karl Schuke organ of the Philharmonie and spirited direction from the composer himself, the new work provided a compelling centrepiece to an evening that never lacked excitement.

I Don’t Belong Anywhere: György Ligeti at 100

György Ligeti at 100 © 2022 by Brepols
What do Ligeti and his music have to say to us in our post-postmodernist age?Why do his works still fascinate us so much?This book offers new readings of core compositions such as Aventures, Lontano, Le Grand Macabre, the Hölderlin Fantasies and Galamb borong.

Indecision Time

Hermann, Fidelio © 2022 by Bernd Uhlig
This 'Fidelio' was a production that felt uneasy less for the implied violence of the libretto (or the real violence of the staging) than for a hurried pace that left little room for reflection