Guitar Divas de Heike Matthiesen

Matthiesen tira do passado a música enterrada antes de tempo e faz reviver a guitarra das que vieram antes de nós, completando o panorama do século XIX, mostrando-nos como elas eram interessantes, como a sua música é verdadeira e bela, e como elas constituem modelos de perfeição artística para @s guitarristas da atualidade.

Guitar Divas by Heike Matthiesen

Matthiesen takes music that has been buried before its time and revives the guitar of women who came before us, completing the picture of the 19th century, showing us how interesting they were, how true and beautiful their music is, and how they are models of artistic perfection for today's guitar players.

La Orquesta Ciudad de Granada invita a la danza en su nueva temporada

Presentación de la temporada 2023-24 de la Orquesta Ciudad de Granada © OCG
Al ciclo sinfónico se sumarán los habituales conciertos didácticos y familiares: una oferta total dirigida a más de 64.000 espectadores.
Estados Unidos

Rosa Antonelli from Steinway Hall in New York

Rosa Antonelli © 2020 by Rosa Antonelli
Milonga del Ángel, by Piazzolla, querendona and nostalgic, is one of the pianist's favorite works.It tells the story of an angel who magically arrives in Buenos Aires at Christmas to heal the sad and longing soul of the vast, enormous mass of immigrants who miss their homeland.

Interview with Mikko Nissinen: "People have to dance many different things"

This interview with Mikko Nissinen, Boston Ballet Artistic Director, has been done by Anna Winestein.Boston Ballet is doing a tour in Spain from July, 20th to August, 22nd.Anna Winestein.This is the Boston Ballet’s first tour outside of the US in 15 years.

La Dolores

Tomás Bretón y Hernández (Salamanca, 1850-Madrid, 1923) was one of the great revitalising forces of Spanish music during the period of the Restauration.He composed in a wide variety of genres, including opera, zarzuela, symphonic and chamber music.

Una cosa rara

Vicente Martín y Soler (Valencia, 2-V-1754;St.Petersburg, 11-II-1806) is one of the great classics of Spanish dramatic music.Born in Valencia, Martín y Soler rose to fame during his stay in Naples and other Italian cities, and finally at the Viennese court.