Tales of oppression and resistance

Py, Les Vêpres Siciliennes © 2022 by Marcus Lieberenz
'Les Vêpres Siciliennes' allowed Mr Py to present a vast canvas of oppression and resistance.With the addition of several great vocal performances and the taut musical direction of Enrique Mazzola, the production turned Verdi’s most conspicuous attempt to adapt his style to Parisian tastes into an engaging spectacle

Cancelling the Count

Jones, Le Nozze di Figaro © 2022 by Vincent Pontet / OnP
There is always the danger that new productions will simply coast on the charm of the music without bothering to make a strong case for the continued relevance of the story

Monopolio masculino en los Premios ICMA 2022

Alina Ibragimova © by Eva Verman
El 18 de enero se dió a conocer el fallo de los International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) en su edición de 2022.Entre los premiados figuran: Adam Fischer, Martin Fröst, Gennaro Cardaropoli, Julian Kainrath, Sebastian Androne, Francisco Coll y un total de 17 grabaciones de vídeo y audio.

The Limitations of Magic

Herheim, Siegfried © 2021 by Bernd Uhlig
Given director Stefan Herheim’s previous successes in realising the most conspicuously magical episodes of Rheingold and delineating the subtle character drama of Walküre, one had high hopes that he might even be able to pull off the impossible task of creating a Siegfried that didn’t drag in its opening acts.

Coming to Rest

Herheim, Götterdämmerung © 2021 by Bernd Uhlig
The first two instalments of Stefan Herheim’s new Ring cycle for the Deutsche Oper – Das Rheingold and Die Walküre – were ingenious pieces of theatrical invention, delightful as standalone works of drama, yet brimming with images and ideas that seemed to pull its central concept in any number of directions at once.

The Whole of the Law

Kosky, Aufstieg und Fall ... © 2021 by Iko Freese
One emerged from the auditorium slightly battered, and with a bad taste in the mouth;which, one suspects, was Mr Kosky’s goal.If parts of the staging leaned in the direction of excess, much of the music was notable for its restraint.

The men who were recklessly curious

Huguet, Così fan tutte © Matthias Baus
Between a superb ensemble cast and Daniel Barenboim’s perfectly-judged musical direction, it was a thrilling opening to the Staatsoper’s new season

Ha fallecido el compositor Carlisle Floyd

Carlisle Floyd © 2021 by Daniel Tchetchik
El compositor norteamericano Carlisle Floyd (1926-2021) falleció el pasado 30 de septiembre en Florida, donde residía.Su ópera 'Susannah' es una de las óperas norteamericanas más populares, junto a 'Porgy and Bess'.

A Misremembered Past

Huguet, Le nozze di Figaro © 2021 by Matthias Baus
For its first run of live performances, the production benefitted from both the buzz of a real audience and a generally superior cast to that of the première.Vincent Huguet’s staging, however, remained aggressively bland and perplexingly uninspired, a triumph of sets and costumes over ideas and characters.

Música francesa entre dos Guerras Mundiales (II) At Home in Our Sounds

At Home in Our Sounds © 2021 by Oxford University Press
Los afroamericanos, los antillanos franceses y los africanos occidentales franceses escribieron, bailaron, cantaron y actuaron políticamente en respuesta a la mayor visibilidad de la diferencia racial en París durante esta época.