Brünnhilde’s Escape

Tcherniakov, Götterdämmerung © 2022 by Staatsoper unter den Linden
For all that Mr Tcherniakov was willing to drag the themes of the Ring far beyond their normal context, the four evenings of the cycle were balanced by performances that brought out the intoxicating musical qualities that have drawn generations of listeners into Wagner’s world
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Xenakis, Xenakis, toujours recommencée!

Iannis Xenakis © Dominio público. Pinterest
La London Sinfonietta interpretó un programa en cierta medida autobiográfico, ya que inició el concierto con O-mega, una de las últimas composiciones estrenadas por Xenakis, quien la escribió precisamente para que la estrenaran en el Festival de Huddersfield de 1997;

Knappertsbusch: The Opera Edition/The Orchestral Edition (2/3): 1954-7

Decca ya había asentado sus reales en Viena;ahora quería hacer lo mismo en París.El proyecto pretendía grabar obras del repertorio con diversos directores al frente de la Orchestre de la Société des concerts du Conservatoire.

Deconstructing Desire

Stölzl, Turandot © 2022 by Matthias Baus
If Turandot is still viewed as a problematic work, its reputation may be due less to its setting or its unfinished state than to the implausibility of its conclusion: the cruel pride of Turandot and the selfish obsession of Calaf exist in such violent opposition to one another that any ending which suggests the possibility of redemption through love will necessarily ring false

The word becomes music

Audi, Fin de Partie © 2022 by Opéra national de Paris
Masterpieces are rare, and masterpieces built on the foundation of other masterpieces are even less common.With ‘Fin de Partie’, however, Kurtág has come very close

Tales of oppression and resistance

Py, Les Vêpres Siciliennes © 2022 by Marcus Lieberenz
'Les Vêpres Siciliennes' allowed Mr Py to present a vast canvas of oppression and resistance.With the addition of several great vocal performances and the taut musical direction of Enrique Mazzola, the production turned Verdi’s most conspicuous attempt to adapt his style to Parisian tastes into an engaging spectacle

Grand Gestures

Mr Barenboim's reading, full of grand gestures and sudden intrusions, strove for the highest possible levels of drama and had little room for tidy formalities.The music that emerged was full of raw, rough edges, unsanded and unpolished, but burning with fresh heat from the cut.

Cancelling the Count

Jones, Le Nozze di Figaro © 2022 by Vincent Pontet / OnP
There is always the danger that new productions will simply coast on the charm of the music without bothering to make a strong case for the continued relevance of the story
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Bodas de Figaro frescas y sin virus

Le nozze di Figaro según McVicar © 2021 by Clive Barda / ROH
Secreto importante detrás de la admirable unidad de esta versión es el hecho que Pappano añadió un exquisito y sensible acompañamiento de fortepiano, nunca exhibicionista, pero siempre lo suficientemente imaginativo para concatenar recitativos y números cantados en aras de una narrativa sin fisuras.

New perspectives on Spanish keyboard music

In 1746 Giovanni Ferrini, the heir to Cristofori’s workshop, built an instrument with harpsichord action on the lower keyboard and a simple piano action on the upper keyboard.Luisa Morales has just released the first full-length recording on the Ferrini instrument to date.